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Performance Acoustic Labs

Performance Acoustics Labs (PAL) focuses on providing the finest acoustic environments possible. Decades of engineering knowledge, world class acoustic products, and extensive high performance audio expertise combine into one team that makes sure you obtain an outstanding level of acoustic performance from your system.

Our history with Performance Acoustic Labs

Like many of our customers, we at Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems spent enormous amounts of time, energy and money in pursuit of a listening room worthy of the wonderful audio components it housed. For the audiophile, there is little in life more frustrating than having the gear of your dreams only to have room problems undermine audio quality.


Not willing to concede defeat, we took the advice of Mike Latvis, CEO and chief engineer of HRS, and consulted with Svanå Miljöteknik AB (SMT) in Sweden. As we began discussing the details of our project, it became increasingly clear that we had found what we were looking for. Rather than the "cookie cutter" one-size-fits-all approach of their competitors, SMT used superior engineering and acoustic knowledge to design and install treatments that provided what our showroom needed.


At about the same time, Mike Latvis founded Performance Acoustics Labs which became the exclusive distributor for SMT within the US, Canada, and Mexico. PAL continues to work collaboratively with the engineers with SMT to build an ever-increasing repertoire of design knowledge which benefits their collective customers worldwide.


We were thrilled to be included as a certified reseller of Performance Acoustic Labs products and design service. We work with our own customers throughout every stage of the process, from assessment to design to implementation of your project


Our own PAL/SMT designed showroom










Services Offered

  • Acoustic Assessments: On-site acoustic surveys to measure and analyze the response of existing rooms.

  • Conceptual Design: PAL provides acoustic design using three-dimensional computer-aided design.

  • Detail Design: PAL advises customers on the selection of exact quantity, type and location of acoustic treatments and then provides detailed drawings for installation.

  • Treatment Products: PAL supplies a wide variety of world-class diffusers, bass traps and absorption products, including: Diffusion Planks, Golden Horn 2-dimension DiffusersDiffusers with integral mid-bass absorption, and Bass traps

  • PAL Installation Support: To support installation, PAL provides a detailed installation schedule and locally-procured materials list. They also provide on-site engineering supervision of tradesmen to ensure correct installation. To complete your project, PAL provides "Active Tuning" for optimal tuning of bass traps and final acoustic fine-tuning by their engineer.

  • Installation Contractor: If you wish, PAL will help coordinate with their preferred installation contractor (Jeremy Feigen of Accurate Construction) who can travel to oversee your project. Although such services will cost more, many customers find that their project is completed with greater efficiency and accuracy (and therefore more economically) by using a contractor who is extremely knowledgable about the products and methods used by PAL.





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